DL-2 hanging basket type stacking machine

DL-2 hanging basket type stacking machine


Max. Collecting length:3500mm

Max. stacking width:1500 mm

The power of the conveyor roller adopts frequency conversion motor,and the speed of the conveyor belt can automatically follow the speed of the production line.

Each section of belt is equipped with independent power drive,which is easy to complete the discharge,stacking and precision counting of cardboard at different 

  speed and length.

The horizontal paper discharge roller is conveyed by modular belt or flat belt,which is stable in operation and ensures that the low-stacked cardboard does not have a 

  fluting phenomenon.

The lifting and lowering of the gondola adopts AC servo control,and the position of the tailgate can be adjusted automatically to suit different lengths of cardboard,so 

  as to ensure the neat stacking and orderly paper discharge.

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