XLHQ Computerized Spiral Knife Cross Cutter

XLHQ Computerized Spiral Knife Cross Cutter


◆Mechanical speed:150m/min,200m/min,250m/min.

◆Width:1400~2500mm;cutting length:500~9999mm.

◆Cutting accuracy:±1mm

◆Adopt oil pump automatic circulation lubrication.

◆Precisely adjustable gapless gear to ensure the precise meshing of the blade and stable operation.

◆The computer automatically adjusts the paper cutting speed according to the cardboard specifications and production speed to maintain synchronization.

◆The computer can store multiple orders,the man-machine interface is separated,and the screen displays various production information,which can be

  checked,modified,added,and canceled at any time.

◆It adopts "scissors" progressive spiral cutting, with small impact force and high cutting precision.

◆The front and rear paper feed rollers adopt the sun wheel paper pressing mechanism,which has stable conveying and uniform pressure to ensure the precision of 

  cardboard cutting.

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