WJS Double Flute Single Facer

WJS Double Flute Single Facer


One stand-alone machine has two types of flute type,and the flute type conversion can be completed within a few seconds.

Reduce energy consumption,reduce equipment investment,and reduce the space occupied by the production line.

Outer cover vacuum adsorption structure,good corrugated forming.

The corrugated roller is made of chromium-molybdenum alloy steel,and the hardness reaches HRC55-60.

The corrugated roller is Φ308/Φ320mm.Width 1400-2200mm,speed:100-180m/min.

The corrugated forming part is separated from the glue part as a whole,and the disassembly of the corrugated roller is more convenient.

Automatically supply and adjust the amount of glue,and digital display.

Corrugated molding,one-sided lamination is fully hydraulically controlled,and gluing and retraction is reset to pneumatic control.

Independent gearbox,oil-immersed lubrication.

It adopts PLC control and the touch screen displays related data.

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