MY Series Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting&Creasing Machine

MY Series Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting&Creasing Machine

◆Automatic flatbed die cutting creasing machine is a high-efficiency die-cutting processing equipment for various paper packaging products such as cartons,paper 

  trademarks etc.

◆High precision intermittent mechanism,pneumatic locking plate,pneumatic clutch,overload protection,manual pressure regulating etc transmission mechanism ensure 

  the equipment runs stability at high speed.

◆With paper pre-stack mechanism,auxiliary paper feeding mechanism,variable speed paper feeding mechanism and automatic auxiliary paper receiving mechanism.

◆Automatic timing lubrication,automatic spray lubrication of main drive,improve service life.

◆The electrical control system is monitored and displayed by PLC and electronic cam,which makes the machine fault diagnosis extremely convenient.

◆Programmable controller and man-machine interface,digital display of the machine's working speed,number of processed sheets,and total running time.

◆Main motor frequency conversion,stepless speed regulation, stable operation,and die-cutting pressure can be adjusted separately front and back.


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