SYKM 308/420/600 High Speed Printing Slotting Die Cutting Ma

SYKM 308/420/600 High Speed Printing Slotting Die Cutting Machine


◆Model: Ф308×2000mm,Ф420×2200mm,Ф600×3800mm.

◆The whole electrical appliances adopt well-known brands,and the quality is stable and reliable.

Man-machine interface,computer order management,easy operation,faster order replacement (999 orders can be pre-stored).

◆The whole machine wallboard and important parts are all treated with aging treatment,tempered to eliminate the internal stress of the metal.

◆The machine shaft and roller are made of high-quality steel,tempered and grinding processing,high-precision balance correction,surface hard chrome plating.

◆The transmission gears of the whole machine are all made of 20CrMoTi alloy steel,carburized and quenched,hardness HRC58-62.

◆The transmission parts of the whole machine shaft and teeth are connected by keyless connection,eliminating the connection gap.

◆The whole machine lubrication system adopts spray type automatic lubrication and is equipped with a dual oil circuit oil level balancing system.

◆The whole machine adjusts the preset position function,paper feeding,printing,slotting,die cutting,automatic zero reset,memory reset automatically.

◆The whole machine can adjust the working gap,and the adjustment is quick and convenient.

◆The host uses frequency conversion control,starting and running more stable and more energy-saving.

◆Optional installation:ceramic anilox roller;scraper ink setting system;stacking machine.

◆Equipped with ink shortage alarm device to detect the working state of the ink supply system in real time.

◆Vacuum suction can be selected according to need.

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