QS Series Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Stitching Machine

QS Series Automatic Carton Folder Gluer Stitching Machine


◆Automatic carton folder gluer stitching machine mainly composed of four parts:paper feeding section,folding section,stitching gluing pressing section,

  counting stacking section.

◆Digital display speed adjustment,and microcomputer amplitude adjustment,with a simple fast reliable and precise control mode.

◆Automatic paper feeding,automatic gluing and folding,automatic counting,automatic stacking output.

◆The average gluing speed is 150 sheets/minute,the maximum speed gluing speed is 220 sheets/minute.

◆Color touch screen man-machine interface and PLC control,easy to operate.

◆The main motor of the whole machine is variable frequency speed regulation,stable speed,environmental protection and energy saving.

◆The main functions can be operated on both the front and back of the machine.

◆ Model:2600

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