TLJ Wax Coating Machine

TLJ Wax Coating Machine


◆Special equipment for waxing on both sides or one side of various corrugated cardboard and cardboard surfaces,is an indispensable equipment in the production

  process of corrugated boxes.

◆The machine has stable working performance,flexible rotation,uniform wax coating,simple structure and convenient operation.

◆It can be used for manual paper board feeding,workbench chain feeding or equipped with automatic board feeding machine.

◆The wax block is melted by electric heating,and the temperature is controlled by a temperature controller to make the wax temperature suitable and safe to use.

◆The conveying section uses O-shaped round belt and equipped with fans.The wax liquid coated on the cardboard can dry quickly to ensure that the surface of the 

  cardboard is clean and not blurred.


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